our fab story

India is a country which was and is rich in creativity with a pool of immensely talented artists like writers, painters, singers, actors, etc. It is a country where goddesses like Saraswati, who represents arts, music, wisdom and knowledge, are worshiped.


Marvie comes from a family of artists. She dabbled in all the possible art forms, from dance to singing to literature. You name it and she has done it. She is a literature graduate and wanted to be a teacher. But the creative side to her took her to the area where she could explore her imagination and it freed her from having a 9-5 desk job. She tried all the art forms before she decided to take the plunge and pick up a makeup brush. She was a dance trainer then an air hostess which she enjoyed thoroughly. After being an air hostess for a few years, she decided to use her creativity & plunge herself into the world of color & makeup. She has worked for the biggest celebrities & who are currently in bollywood & has worked with two prominent hollywood oscar winning actors Cate Blanchett & Hilary Swank.She was a color consultant and product developer for Hindustan Unilever for 8 years & Grooming consultant for Jet Airways & had trained over 100 Batches.She got personally trained in a short course in makeup by Penny Delamar, the owner of Delamar School of Makeup, London. The rest Marvie proclaims that she is a self trained artist.